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April 2011


April 2011

It is just awesome that Fox River Animal Hospital has chosen me, Scottie, to be their pet of the month! I know that I am just one of many critters that receive the care and love of all the staff members. They are currently taking care of me on a daily basis ever since I blew out my right hind knee and had surgery back in February. The caring team helps me with my physical therapy even when I am grumpy. But mostly they make me happy when they talk to me and let me kiss ‘em!

April is also my birth month, the 29th day, I think. I will be 10 years old. My life started, so I am told, in Minnesota. As a young pup I ended up in a Petland store in Rockford, IL. A teacher fell in love with me and took me home to live with her. However, after only a matter of months, she realized she didn’t have time to properly take care of me. She placed an ad in the local paper and 2 lovely twin sisters decided to become my new moms. They had lost their Scottie and were looking for another. So, I had a new, hopefully, forever home.

Life was good for the next 8 years (I was somewhat spoiled). Around July of 2009, my moms decided it was too difficult for them to stay in their home any longer. After all, they were 94 years old. The retirement home they were going to did not allow me to go with them. So, with heavy hearts, they considered their options for me. I heard them whispering, something about eu (they always spelled out the word) because they were not sure I could find a good home.

There was a lady, Diane, who took her dogs to the same vet that I went to. She learned of my moms’ dilemma and offered to take me. Oh, happy day…I would have a new home and other playmates. The family included two other dogs, a cat, and a bird. One of the dogs was a young pup and I had to keep putting him in his place. The cat was sick, and that darn bird, well, he drove me crazy. I did almost everything (including throwing myself up against the wall) to get a closer look at him. Sadly, things were not working out.

Next thing I knew I was at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Inc., in Rockford. I was really confused and sad. After several days, Mary, the adoption coordinator, told me that a lady had called and was interested in seeing me. Mary said the lady had recently lost her Scottie, Lady McBeth, and had a hole in her heart that maybe I could help mend. Mary told the lady that the Scottie Rescue Group wanted me but that she would hold me until the next day. The lady’s sister came to visit me and took my picture. I really liked her.

The next day the lady Mary told me about, and her sister, came to visit me. We checked each other out, played with my ball, and went for a walk. The lady and her sister had quite a long conversation and then they decided that I would be going home with the lady.

Since arriving in Appleton in October 2009 with my new stepmom, I have made many new friends, taken exciting trips (one was to the Door County Scottie Rally where there were over 300 Scotties), and even made several trips back to Rockford to see my 2 moms (my stepmom had to become a detective to find my moms because the rescue facility would not share that information). My stepmom got special permission from the administrator for us to visit them and we can even go into their lovely apartment. Many of the residents of the retirement home enjoy my visits and I stop and get patted by them as I prance down the hallway to see my moms.

I am sure that both my stepmom and I want this to be my forever home. Nobody knows for sure what the future will bring but for now we are happy! Oh, and that hole in my stepmom’s heart. It is healing, but there will always be an imprint of Lady McBeth. I saw her picture; she was as cute as a “ladybug”.

I know this is a long story, but the bottom line is I am happy in my new home, and my stepmom loves me and I almost have her trained. Just as important, I know that Dr. Shepherd and his team have helped me on the road to recovery and soon I will be able to run and play again. My next adventure will probably be a trip to see my 2 moms and help them celebrate their 96th birthdays. I can hardly wait!

Scottie (or as my moms call me, the Great F. Scot Fitzgerald) (their last name is Fitzgerald)

February 2011


February 2011

Cheeto is an awesome little 11 month old kitty who has the prettiest coloring. You can tell by looking at him that he is a cat with purrsonality! Cheeto stays with us when his mommies are out of town and we love to snuggle him and hear his motor run!!!

We asked Cheeto’s mommies the following questions:

What is your favorite pastime?

I love to play with my pink teddy bear my mom Katie bought me for Christmas. I throw it in the air and have so much fun with it.

What do you do that is really cute or funny?

As you can see by my picture, every morning I watch my mom put on her makeup and curl her hair while I hang out in the sink.

What does your family love most about you?

My moms tell me I am very handsome and that I am a good snuggler.